Bonus Rollover Strategy

Bonuses work differently to free bets and risk-free bets but they’re still pretty straightforward. They can take a little more time but it’s still free cash and there are so many offers available. In this bonus rollover guide, I’ll show you how to tackle bonus offers and more importantly, how to maximise your profits!

How do bonuses work?

Generally speaking, free bet stakes are not returned and bonus stakes are returned.

This means that if you place a free bet on something and it wins, you would receive the winnings, but not the free bet stake itself. With a bonus, if you place it on something and it wins, the bonus stake would be returned along with your winnings.

That may sound great, but there’s a catch. Bonuses usually have to be rolled over a certain number of times before they can be withdrawn. This is often referred to as the rollover or wagering requirement.

The rollover is complete once you’ve either met the rollover requirement or lost all of your bookmaker funds into your exchange account.

It’s easy to moan about rollover requirements but it’s still free cash and it’s really not that difficult to do!

How to do a bonus offer

To illustrate how to tackle a bonus offer, I’m going to take you through an old Betsafe welcome offer from start to finish.

If you’ve not yet tackled any of the bonus welcome offers, this type of offer is a perfect starting point. Just sign up with the bookmaker, deposit £10.00+ and they’ll then match your deposit as a bonus, up to a maximum of £30.00.

The boring but important stuff

It’s important that we read the terms of any offer thoroughly, but this is particularly true for bonus offers and I cannot stress that enough. Failure to understand the terms of a bonus offer can lead to costly mistakes.

Rollover requirements tell us how many times our deposit and/or bonus needs to be rolled over before we are able to withdraw our profit. For this particular welcome offer, we need to rollover our deposit (£30.00) + bonus (£30.00) six times (x6), so £360.00 in total.

Always make sure that your bankroll is big enough to complete the offer in the event that your back bets keep winning. Winning streaks do happen and if you run out of funds before you’ve completed the rollover, you’re in trouble!

To prevent us from placing our bonus at extremely low odds, the bookmaker will usually specify the minimum odds at which we must place our rollover bets. If we do not place our bets at odds of 4/5 (1.80) or greater, we could be eating into our bonus without getting any closer to withdrawing it!

It’s important that we meet the rollover requirements within the specified time frame. For this welcome offer, we need to meet the rollover requirement within 30 days, otherwise we could lose our bonus and any winnings generated.

The majority of bonus offers, like this old Betsafe one, are straightforward but it’s worth keeping an eye open for any unusual terms that can make things a lot trickier. This includes having to place our rollover bets on multiple bets such as trebles or accumulators. Occasionally, a bookmaker will specify a maximum stake for your rollover bets too, which can slow things down a fair bit.

Low odds or high odds?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Both options have their pros and cons…

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